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2018-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

School of Education

Dr. Lisa Allen, Interim Dean
Campbellsville University, UPO 791, 1 University Drive, Campbellsville, KY 42718
bcennis@campbellsville.edu 270-789-5506

School of Education Mission and Goals

The mission of the School of Education of Campbellsville University is to prepare teachers and administrators for their respective fields by providing an academic infrastructure based on scholarship, service, and Christian leadership. The primary goal of the program is to advance scholars who are competent, caring and qualified, who can positively impact student learning, and who are committed to life-long learning in a global society.

The goals for achieving the mission of the School of Education are:

  • Provide a comprehensive program in curriculum, instruction, and supervision for graduate students.
  • Emphasize the development of the cadre of master teachers and administrators in the contiguous area of the Commonwealth.
  • Provide the opportunity for teachers leading toward advanced certification, specifically Rank II and Rank I certification.
  • Reflect the character-based, moral and ethical-based, and faith-based components of one’s personal life and professional integrity.

Financial Aid

Students who wish to complete financial aid information are advised to consult the current University Bulletin/Catalog and the University’s Office of Financial Aid. Information related to student aid available specifically for candidates for all degree programs. The following source of scholarship opportunities is:

  • William K. Pennebaker Graduate Scholarship. Limited funds are available to School of Education students who demonstrate financial need. Partial scholarship assistance on a semester-by-semester basis is available. Further information is available through the Dean’s office.

Title II Reporting Requirements

In compliance with the requirements under federal law, Campbellsville University provides annual disclosure of the reporting requirements under Title II. These requirements report the PRAXIS II pass rate percentage of cohort students completing the undergraduate Teacher Education Program. All candidate performance data is available at www.campbellsville.edu/school-of-education.

The graduate education program implements a Continuous Assessment Plan (CAP) that monitors student progress throughout the program. The Plan consists of three checkpoints along the continuum of the program:

  1. CAP 5: admission into the program
  2. CAP 6: mid-point check
  3. CAP 7: program completion/exit

Students must successfully meet the criteria at each checkpoint. A student will not be permitted to progress in the program if the criteria are not met. The CAP system will be explained in detail in the appropriate education courses.

No more than 12 semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from other accredited graduate institutions if those credits match the course requirements of the graduate program. Approval of transfer credits will result from an examination of the transfer request (accompanied by appropriate documentation) by the Dean or his/her designee. Transfer classes must be full term or equivalent classes. Workshops will not be accepted for graduate classes. While these may be valuable to the graduate student, a collection of one and two hour workshops is not acceptable in the education graduate program. When entering the graduate education program, a commitment is made to the completion of the design of the program. A student may appeal a request to the Dean and Graduate Council in cases where the student believes just grounds exist.

Faculty and Staff

Interim Dean of the School

Lisa Allen, Ed.D.
B.S., Asbury College; M.A., Western Kentucky University; Ed.D., University of Kentucky

Don Cheatham, MA/Rank I
B.S., Campbellsville College; M.S.E., University of Kentucky; Rank I, Western Kentucky University

Dottie Davis, Ph.D.
B.A., University of Kentucky; M.A.E., Rank I, Campbellsville University; Ph.D., Capella University

Valerie Flanagan, Ph.D.
B.A., M.Ed., Lindsey Wilson College; Ph.D., University of the Cumberlands

Lisa Fulks, Ph.D.
B.A., University of Louisville; M.Ed. University of Louisville; Ph.D., University of Louisville

Carol Garrison, Ed.D.
B.A., Berea College, M.A., Eastern Kentucky University, Ed.D., University of Kentucky

Marilyn Goodwin, Ph.D.
B.A., Campbellsville College; M.Div, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D. , Capella University

Charles Hamilton, Ed.D.
A.A., St. Catherine Junior College; B.S., Rank l, Eastern Kentucky University; Ed.D., University of Kentucky

Ellen Hamilton-Ford, Ed. D.
B.S., Campbellsville University; M.A., Bellarmine University; Ed. D., Spalding University

Jeffrey Herron, Ed.D.
B.S., Eastern Kentucky University; M.S., Miami University; Ed.D., Eastern Kentucky University

Sharon Hundley, Ph.D.
B.A., Western Kentucky University; Early Childhood Montessori Teacher Certification, M.A., Ph.D., Oral Roberts

Elisha Lawrence, MA/ABD
B.S., M.A., Western Kentucky University; doctoral studies, Eastern Kentucky University

Robin Magruder Ed.D.
B.S., University of Louisville; M.Ed., Indiana Wesleyan University; Ed.D., University of Kentucky

Seneca Rodriguez, Psy. D.
B.A., New Mexico State University; M.A. New Mexico State University; Psy. D. California Southern University

Billy Stout, Ed.D.
B.S., Cumberland College; M.A., Indiana University Southeast; Ed.D., Indiana University

Adjunct Faculty

Sonya Anglin, MA/ABD
B.A., Berea College; M.A. Eastern Kentucky University; ABD Eastern Kentucky University

Jacob Bryant, Ed.D.
B.A. Western Kentucky University; Ed.D., Oakland City University

Jason Detre, Ed.D.
B.S., Western Kentucky University; M.A. Western Kentucky University; Ed.D. University of the Cumberlands

Larry Ennis, Ph.D.
B.A., Campbellsville College; M.A., Western Kentucky University; Ph.D., University of Louisville

Rahsheeno Griffith, Ph. D.
B.S. Boyce College; M.S. Campbellsville University; M.A. Southern Seminary; Ph.D. University of Louisiana

Linda Jessie-Jones, Ph.D.
B.A., Illinois State University; M.A., Tennessee Technological University; Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Joetta Kelly, Ed. D.
B.S. Campbellsville College; M.S. Murray State University; M.Ed., Murray State University; Ed.D., Western Kentucky

Tim Miller, Ed.D.
B.S., M.S., Indiana University; Ed.D., Ball State University

Anthony Orr, Ed.D.
B.S., Oral Roberts University; M.A.Ed., Eastern Kentucky University; Ed.D., Northern Kentucky University

Franklin Thomas, Ed. D.
B.S., University of Kentucky; M.S. University of Kentucky; Ed.D., Eastern Kentucky University

Julia Wilson, Ph.D.
B.S., Kentucky State University; M.A. Indiana University; Ph.D. University of Louisville

Support Staff

Ms. Cheryl Akins, Assistant to the Dean of the School of Education
Ms. Lisa Kirtley, Undergraduate Administrative Assistant
Mr. Blake Barnett, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant
Ms. Elizabeth Franklin, Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant
Ms. Alice Steele, Special Education Administrative Assistant

Graduate Degree Program Option

  • Teacher Leader Master of Arts in Education (TLMAE) program leading to advanced studies in a specific content area or curriculum or increased certification with an endorsement.
  • Teacher Leader Master of Arts in Special Education (TLMASE) program leading to P-12 Learning Behavior Disorder (LBD) certification.
  • Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) in School Guidance Counseling program leading to P-12 certification in school counseling (approved for both Rank II and Rank I).
  • Master of Arts in School Improvement (MASI)/Rank I program leading to advanced studies in a specific content area or curriculum or increased certification with an endorsement.
  • Master of Arts in Special Education (MASE) initial certification program leading to P-12 Learning Behavior Disorder (LBD) certification.
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Middle Grades 5-9 initial certification program leading to certification as a middle school English, Math, Science or Social Studies teacher.
  • Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Grades 8-12 initial certification program leading to certification as a high school English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, or Social Studies teacher.
  • Master of Arts in Teaching IECE initial certification program leading to certification as an early childhood/kindergarten teacher.
  • Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) in Educational Administration (Principal P-12) leading to P-12 certification as a school principal.

Add-On Licensure Options

Campbellsville University offers several endorsements and certifications that may be taken as part of a degree program or may be taken alone.


Environmental Education Endorsement

As climate issues continue to alter the way we work and live, the field of environmental education is expected to become increasingly necessary. The Environmental Education Endorsement prepares educators to help students understand relevant environmental issues. For those already involved or interested in science education, this program offers a way to translate that experience into a specific environmental focus. Completion opens the door for teachers to take advantage of this exciting and growing education specialty.

Gifted and Talented Education Endorsement

Educating students with intelligence beyond their age offers unique challenges and obstacles. The Gifted and Talented Education Endorsement gives teachers the knowledge and skills they need to help these students reach their full potential. Courses cover the development, implementation and direction of successful gifted and talented programs. The program offers students opportunities to collaborate and learn from current gifted education experts. Endorsement completion gives educators the credentials and experience they need to enter this in-demand field.

ESL Endorsement

One of the most in-demand areas of the education field is the teaching of English as a Second Language (ESL). As the population of students in need of these programs expands, so too does the demand for teachers with this skill set. The ESL Endorsement provides teachers with the skills required to reach ESL students from grades P-12. Courses offer instruction on tried and true strategies for success, including sheltered English and full immersion. Completion of this endorsement gives educators the opportunity to help a growing population and increases earning potential.


Director of Special Education

The Director of Special Education (DOSE) program at Campbellsville University is committed to providing candidates the experiences designed to increase their skills in working with students with disabilities. The program is designed to empower special education administrators with leadership skills at the district level in designing, implementing, supervising and assessing the provision of special education programs and services to students with disabilities. To impact student learning positively, candidates will draw on best research, theory, and wisdom to demonstrate commitment to education and to their belief that all learners of all ages and abilities can be educated.

Advanced Level Certification in Moderate and Severe Disabilities (P-12)

The Advanced Level Certification in Moderate and Severe Disabilities graduate program gives teachers the tools to educate a growing population of students. Courses include instruction on moderate and severe disabilities as well as autism spectrum disorders. Teachers learn about using assistive technology, applied behavior analysis, and other strategies to make classrooms more beneficial for all students.

Standard Certificate in School Guidance Counseling

For school counselors with a 48 hour master’s degree and provisional certification in school counseling, this program provides the additional 12 hours of school counseling coursework needed to earn a standard certificate and Rank I. Advanced coursework focuses on managing and preventing school crisis, legal and ethical issues, and school counselor accountability.

Program Descriptions and Guides

Campbellsville University offers several degree programs that provide candidates with opportunities to meet certification requirements, change rank, enrich their knowledge and skill in teaching pedagogy and content areas, and move into administrative fields.


Master of Arts in Education

Master of Arts in Special Education

Rank I/Master of Arts in School Improvement

Master of Arts in Teaching

Graduate Certificate

Graduate Endorsement

Teacher Leadership Master of Arts in Education

Teacher Leader in Master of Arts in Special Education