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2018-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Carver School of Social Work

Dr. Helen Mudd, Dean
Campbellsville University, 1 University Drive, UPO 855, Campbellsville, KY 42718
hkmudd@campbellsville.edu 270-789-5045

Dr. Michelle Tucker, MSW Program Director
Campbellsville University, 1 University Drive, UPO 855, Campbellsville, KY 42718
tmtucker@campbellsville.edu 270-789-5209

Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)

Program Information

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Purpose statement

The mission of the Carver School of Social Work Master’s program (MSW) is to expand career opportunities and prepare advanced generalist social work practitioners and/or administrators through advanced social work academic preparation in a Christ-centered environment. In the spirit of Christian service, graduates apply advanced generalist professional social work skills in work with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations in regional, national and/or international settings for the purposes of improving the quality of life.

Program goals

Guided by the mission of this master’s program and influenced by the missions of Campbellsville University, the social work profession and the needs of the local, regional, state and international communities, the MSW program strives to attain the following goals:

  1. To prepare competent and effective graduate level social work professionals to empower, lead and serve as practitioners, service coordinators, service administrators, policy analysts’ and program developers.
  2. To equip graduates with graduate level social work knowledge, values, and skills in preparation for service with diverse, at-risk, marginalized, oppressed populations which exist in rural, urban, national and international locations;
  3. To prepare graduate level social work practitioners that are skilled in evaluating and linking empirical knowledge, social work practice wisdom, social research and practice outcomes;
  4. To stimulate a desire within graduates for the pursuit of life-long-learning and Christ centered service.

These program goals build on a foundation of generalist content and expand toward the preparation of advanced level social workers. As such, a foundation curriculum, similar to that of the undergraduate program is provided in the first year of this master’s program; however, the foundation graduate year incorporates graduate level rigor in research activities and learning assignments.

Social Work Faculty & Staff

Helen Mudd, Ph.D., MSSW
Dean & Professor
270-789-5045 hkmudd@campbellsville.edu

Michelle Tucker, Ph.D., MSSW
MSW Program Director & Professor
270-789-5209 tmtucker@campbellsville.edu

Anne Adcock, DSW, MSW, CSW
BSW Program Director & Associate Professor
270-789-5593 acadcock@campbellsville.edu

Kalon Moody, MSW
MSW Field Director & Assistant Professor
270-789-5338 kemoody@campbellsville.edu

Cynthia Colyer, MSW, CSW
BSW Field Director & Assistant Professor
270-789-5595 cjcolyer@campbellsville.edu

Darlene Eastridge, Ph.D., MSSW, MA. Ed.
PCWCP Coordinator & Professor
270-789-5178 dfeastridge@campbellsville.edu

Candace Hansford, Ph.D., MSW

Kelly Joplin, MSW
Associate Professor

Darrell Locke, MSW
Associate Professor
270-789-5405 ddlocke@campbellsville.edu

Jennifer Lanham, Ph.D., LCSW
Associate Professor
270-789-5411 jdlanham@campbellsville.edu

Renee Sartin, MSSW
BSW Site Coordinator, LEC East
Associate Professor
502-753-0264 srsartin@campbellsville.edu

Kimberly Mudd-Fegett, DSW, MSSW
Assistant Professor
270-789-5226 knmuddfegett@campbellsville.edu

Khara Kinkade, Ph.D., M.Div., Th.M
Assistant Professor

Jessica Donohue-Dioh, MSW
Assistant Professor

Neil Caldwell, MSW
270-789-5480 wncaldwell@campbellsville.edu

Beth Sprowles
Admissions Coordinator
270-789-5033 basprowles@campbellsville.edu

Jenny Houk
Assessment Coordinator
270-789-5350 jlhouk@campbellsville.edu

Rachel Blackburn
270-789-5049 rlblackburn@campbellsville.edu



Master of Social Work