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2018-2020 Graduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Rank I/School Improvement, M.A.S.I.

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Degree offered at: Available Online

The Rank 1 /MASI program is a 30-hour graduate level program offered fully online. Fifteen hours will be professional education “core” courses and fifteen hours will be selected by the candidate from multiple specialty options. These options include:

  1. appropriate endorsement options and
  2. professional specialty courses focusing on in-depth study in a specific discipline or combination of disciplines to meet the candidate’s professional growth needs or school improvement needs.

Professional education core courses are taught primarily in summer months in the June and June/July term. Professional specialty option courses are taught during the academic year. All candidates will begin the/Rank 1 /MASI program with the core course, ED 701 - Planning and Leading School Improvement . This feature will insure clear and consistent communications regarding program expectations and requirements.

Program Admissions

CAP 5, admission to the program, requires the student to complete an application for admission to Campbellsville University graduate studies and meet entrance requirements for the Rank I/MASI which are a 2.75 cumulative grade point average; a valid teaching certificate which documents Rank II; a dispositional self-assessment; professional growth plan; and a signed code of ethics. Supporting documentation must be included with the application. Graduate faculty review the applications and make recommendations for approval to the University Graduate Council. After approval from that body, the candidate is cleared for admission to the program. The candidate meets with an advisor to complete the Curriculum Guidesheet.

CAP Document

Consistent with other graduate level programs, the Rank I/MASI program has three candidate assessment points. As illustrated below, program requirements are identified at each assessment point and candidates complete data collection forms. CAP 5 is admission to the program and candidates must be approved by the School of Education graduate faculty and by the University Graduate Council. After successful completion of CAP 5, the candidate meets with an advisor and reviews the curriculum guidesheet. CAP 6 is a mid-point check of candidate progress and is implemented after the candidate completes 15 hours. CAP 7 is the exit assessment and is implemented in the lastcourse in the program, ED 705 - Effective Professional Development . A major component of CAP 7 is a culminating project that is submitted in this course. The project is a paper reflecting on the field-based assignments for the professional education core courses and discussing how those assignments support the Kentucky Teacher Standards and indicators. The paper will be evaluated by Rank I/MASI program faculty. The expectations for the culminating project will be communicated to candidates in the introduction course to the program, ED 701 - Planning and Leading School Improvement .

Candidates receive letters from the Dean’s office notifying them of their status at each of the three CAPs. At CAP 7, the University certification officer is also notified so that appropriate forms are submitted to the Education Professional Standards Board recommending rank change.

Candidate Assessment Points

Data from the CAP system are aggregated and analyzed annually for candidate performance and for program improvement. Area(s) for improvement are targeted for the coming year and strategies implemented to address them. Additionally, monitoring of progress is continuous as candidates take courses and are involved in various experiences and assessments throughout those courses.

CAP 5 Admission

  • Valid teaching certificate
  • Official transcripts; 2.75 GPA - bachelor and master’s degree
  • Current professional growth plan
  • Disposition self-assessment
  • Code of Ethics

CAP 6 Mid-point

  • 15 hours (a combination of ED courses and specialty option courses)
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Completed admissions folder

CAP 7 Completion/Exit

  • 30 hours (15 hours of ED courses and 15 hours specialty option courses)
  • 3.0 GPA
  • Disposition assessments - self and faculty
  • 3.0 on culminating project, paper on field based assignments and the KTS

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