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2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Chapel / Convocation Program

The chapel/convocation program is designed to provide opportunities for corporate worship and exposure to a variety of informative speakers and presentations. Chapel/convocation speakers and performers are guests of the University community. Chapel/convocations are held each Wednesday of the semester with the exception of the last week of a semester. Emergencies or special circumstances might necessitate changes in this schedule at the discretion of the Chapel/Convocation Committee. Attendance is required of all members of the University family including faculty, staff, and students. Attendance requirements for students are governed by the following:

Full-Time Semesters Number of Chapel/Convocations Required
1 8
2 8
3 16
4 24
5 32
6 40
7 or more 48

The number of full-time semesters refers to the full-time semesters remaining in the student’s degree program at the time of first enrollment at Campbellsville University (that is, the minimum full-time semesters needed to complete degree requirements). Two part-time semesters are considered the equivalent of one full-time semester.

Chapel/convocation attendance is cumulative. The student may attend any number of chapels, convocations, or other approved events in a semester. Once the number needed to meet the graduation requirement is reached, referring to the table above, the student does not have to attend any longer, but is welcome and encouraged to do so.

A student’s chapel/convocation credit from all previous terms is available on TigerNet. In addition, the student’s current total can be checked at any time by going to the Office of Academic Affairs.

A number of additional events are approved for convocation credit. This helps the student attain the required number sooner and it helps the student who cannot attend the regularly scheduled weekly chapel.

Chapel/convocation from past semesters can be made up by attending extra convocations in the current semester. The student may also make a written appeal to the Chapel/Convocation Committee regarding options for making up chapel/convocation credit.