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2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Church-Related Vocation Programs

The task of the School of Theology is to produce persons who are passionately evangelistic, rooted in the Biblical story, church-connected, servant leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs, and partners in an enduring fellowship (for further description, see the theology section of this bulletin-catalog). The 18-hour core required of all undergraduate Theology students connects with this task and provides the academic foundation for students pursuing the vocation of Christian ministry: (1) interpreting the Bible, (2) upper division OT or NT, (3) spiritual formation, (4) Christian theology, (5) church history, and (6) internship.

The six full baccalaureate programs of ministry study, as well as the associate and certificate degrees, are listed below, followed by a brief description of each and the Christian studies Internship.

Biblical Studies (area, major, minor) Associate degree in Christian Studies (62 hrs.)
Christian Missions (area, major, minor) Certificate in Christian Ministry (27 hrs.)
Educational Ministries (area, major, minor)  
Leadership and Missions Area (online only)  
Marriage and Family Ministry (area, major, minor)  
Pastoral Ministries (area, major, minor)  

Biblical Studies

Students choosing an area, major, or minor in Biblical Studies will discover an emphasis in the study of the Bible and the Biblical languages. The Biblical Studies student must declare a “Bachelor of Arts” as degree type, which commits him or her to the study of the ancient languages (Hebrew and Greek) of the Sacred Text. While there are elective courses within the School of Theology, students are immersed in the historical study and contemporary interpretation of the Biblical story. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for advanced university or seminary degree opportunities but especially to lay the foundation for all ministry vocations and the privilege of teaching and preaching the powerful word of God. Program available on main campus.

Educational Ministries

Educational Ministries is a program of study for students focusing on ministry-related vocations in church staff and ministry leadership positions, such as children’s ministry, student ministry, discipleship, administration, outreach, parachurch and non-profit leadership. A curriculum core of Biblical Studies and Educational Ministries courses is required and may be supplemented with enrichment courses in educational theory and practice found throughout the University’s curriculum. Elective courses related to each student’s particular interests may be added, and fieldeducation courses are also available for vocational practice. Program available on main campus.

Leadership and Missions Area

Leadership and Missions Area is available only as an online program (and thus not available to resident students). The program is a hybrid program that takes core courses out of pastoral ministries, educational ministries, and Christian Missions for students who desires an online program of study that equips them for leadership in the local church and to cultivate knowledge of and praxis in Christian missions. Graduates of this program will be equipped to serve Christ, the church, and the world within a variety of settings-both nationally and internationally- through missions, relief, and/or development work.

Marriage and Family Ministry

The Marriage and Family Ministry program will equip students to minister to the family as a whole across the generations. With an emphasis on the entire family unit, as well as its individual components, the graduate of Marriage and Family Ministry will have a keen awareness of marriage and family issues and will be equipped to address the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs of families. Graduates of this program will be equipped to serve families within a variety of settings such as the local church and other para-church ministries, Christian and community care facilities, and the mission field. Program available on main campus.

Pastoral Ministries

Producing competent ministers for the church and for the world has a long history at Campbellsville University. Pastoral Ministries provides the student with the fundamental of Christian leadership, preaching, pastoral care and counseling, evangelism, and-taken together-the ingredients with which to grow and maintain a healthy church. Additionally, students are given opportunity to develop more fully as proclaimers of God’s Word through involvement in Church Outreach and/or the Academy of Preachers. Students obtain real-world experience in a local church setting through the Christian Studies Internship. The Pastoral Ministries Area is available in three modes: fully face-to-face, fully online, at the Louisville Education Center and the Conover Education Center (Harrodsburg).

Associate Degree in Christian Studies (62 Hrs.)

This 62-semester hour program of General Education (29 hrs.) and Christian Studies (33 hrs.) courses provides a generous two years of Universitylevel ministerial education. It is designed to assist the student to grow academically and spiritually in preparation for ongoing Christian ministry and more advanced study. Credits earned in the Associates degree program may also be applied toward Bachelor degree programs. The Associate is offered in two modes: fully face-to-face and fully online.

Certificate in Christian Ministry (27 Hrs.)

This program is a congruent unit of study consisting of 27 semester hours of credit. It is designed to assist ministers concurrently serving churches and/or ministers who have been unable to engage in post-secondary study of a more lengthy nature. All courses taught in this program are fully transferable and may be later applied to ward degree programs where they match the degree requirements. The Certificate is offered in two modes: fully face-to-face and fully online.

Christian Studies Internship (Chs 365)

Formal internship work in ministry vocations is supported by a well-developed Christian Studies Internship experience. This internship is designed to make use of support from the churches in the general area of the University as well as state-wide and national denominational groups. Field work activity in the churches is combined with careful support and supervision by experienced ministers so the student may both serve in a ministry position and learn about that ministry in a competent educational framework. Students may enroll for the internship during their junior and senior years.