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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Social Studies Area, 8-12 teaching certification with 5-9 extension

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The School of Education provides 8-12 teacher certification with 5-9 middle school extension in English, Math and Social Studies. The Education Professional Standards Board requires ongoing assessment of educator preparation candidates. Therefore, it is important that secondary education majors with middle school extensions remain in close contact with their education advisors. The first candidate assessment point, called CAP 1, is intent to major in the educator preparation program. CAP 2 is admission to the program and approval is required to take ED 414. All CAP requirements are described earlier in this section.

See the respective sections in this catalog for courses required in these majors. Due to the developmental nature of the educator preparation program and due to extensive field experience requirements, candidates are urged to start taking these courses no later than the first semester of their sophomore year.

The Division of Social Science incorporates traditional major and minor programs that seek to promote intellectual development and a better understanding of society; its history, political systems, psychology, social structures, and human interaction not only as personal as the individual but international in scope. The division offers these academic disciplines within a liberal arts framework of Christian higher education as outlined in Campbellsville University’s stated goals.

To meet the University’s goals the division provides majors and/or minors in criminal justice, history, homeland security, political science, psychology, sociology, and social science areas (with or without teaching certification) leading to a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts degree. An Associate of Science degree is available in certain disciplines. These programs of study are solidly grounded in the liberal arts tradition and promote intellectual inquiry, critical thinking, reading, writing, and research skills to prepare students for graduate studies, various professional schools, teacher certification, and careers outside academe.

Foundation Courses: 12 Hours

Pedagogy Coursework: 9 Hours

Economics: 9 Hours

ECO - Economics Upper Division Course: 3 Hours

Choose two courses from below: 6 Hours

History: 18 Hours

Political Science: 15 Hours

  • Credits: 3
  • POL - Political Science Lower or Upper Division Course
  • POL - Political Science Upper Division Course
  • POL - Political Science Upper Division Course
  • POL - Political Science Upper Division Course

Psychology: 9 Hours

Sociology: 9 Hours

Content Pedagogy: 3 Hours

Clinical Practice: 12 Hours

Total Required Hours: 105 Hours

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