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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Admissions Information

Admissions Overview

Students with strong commitments to improving their knowledge and professional skills for the benefit of mankind are welcome at Campbellsville University. They will find daily challenges, constant encouragement, friendly support, and numerous opportunities for advancement and self-fulfillment.

Admission of all students to Campbellsville University is under the authority of the vice president for enrollment services. Entry requirements for each of the various types of students who enroll are identified in the following table. Completed applications with credentials and fees, as appropriate, should be submitted well in advance of the desired starting term and sent to:

Office for Enrollment
Campbellsville University
UPO 782
1 University Drive
Campbellsville, KY 42718-2190

Application materials will be carefully reviewed and evaluated by the Office of Enrollment professional staff.

Accepted applicants are expected to possess high motivation, initiative, discipline, open-mindedness, tolerance, respect for the freedom of inquiry, and a strong desire to search for truth. Members of all cultural, racial, religious, national, and ethnic groups regardless of sex, economic status, or social standing who desire to attend this Christian University are encouraged to apply.

Interested students desiring specific information concerning the University, including admissions requirements, the availability of financial assistance, academic programs and standards, and campus life may write, visit, or call the Office of Enrollment.

The Office of Enrollment is located in the Student Welcome Center, at the corner of Hoskins Street and University Drive. The telephone number is (270) 789-5220. Interested students and applicants are encouraged to call toll free at 1-800-264-6014. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time zone) Monday through Friday, and by appointment on Saturday.

Admissions Application Requirements

  Admission Application Submitted All College Transcripts

Offical High School Transcripts

Letter of Permission/ Acceptance Enrollment Deposit Required
Freshman (Initial enrollment in a college or university since graduating from high school or taking GED) YES YES YES   YES
Home Schooled Student YES YES YES   YES
Transfer Student with 24 or more credit hours YES YES     YES
Transfer Student with 23 or fewer credit hours YES YES YES   YES
Former Student YES YES     YES
Summer School Student YES YES* YES*    
International Student YES YES YES    
Institutional Service Program YES YES      
Community Outreach Program YES YES YES    
Special Student YES        
High School Honors Student YES YES YES YES  
Senior Scholar YES YES* YES*    
Auditing Student YES        
Visiting Student YES     YES  
Summer Honors Program Student YES YES YES    
Dual High School/College Student YES YES YES    

* - applies to degree seeking students.

Additional Requirements for International Students:

  • Any/All foreign academic credentials sufficiently reviewed and evaluated by a National Associateion of Credential Evaluation Services (N.A.C.E.S.) certified provider.
  • Demonstrated English proficiency (for students whose English is not a native language) by:
    • Presenting an official TOEFL score report of 61 (or higher on the IBT) or 500 (or higher on the IBT)
    • Presenting an official IELTS score report of 5 or higher
    • Presenting an official Pearson Test of English (PTE) score report of 52 or higher
    • Presenting an official English Proficiency Test score report of an unlisted agency, approved by the international enrollment office.
    • Successful completion of the ESLI’s program

Admission of freshmen to Campbellsville University is primarily reserved for students who have completed college preparatory programs in high school with good records of academic achievement while promoting well-rounded personal development through participation in various organizations and extra-curricular activities. Additionally, Campbellsville University will always remain an institution of special opportunity for the few students, despite lower levels of accomplishment in high school, who are deemed fully capable of and highly motivated to achieving success in college.

To enter Campbellsville University as a degree-seeking freshman, a student will take the following steps:

  1. Submit a completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION, available from the Office of Enrollment. Students may apply online at www.campbellsville.edu/apply.
  2. Arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive an official high school transcript (both current, if applicable, and final showing date of graduation).
  3. Arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive official transcripts for any college credits received before entering Campbellsville University.
  4. Acceptance may be granted as soon as a student has successfully completed six semesters in high school.

A high school student desiring to attend Campbellsville University should apply for admission early during his or her senior year. When taking the ACT or SAT examination, an interested student should list Campbellsville University to receive the official test scores directly from the national testing center. The college code number is 1500(ACT)/1097(SAT. Unofficial scores as listed on a student’s high school transcript should be provided to the Office of Enrollment to expedite the process of determining eligibility for provisional acceptance. Formal acceptance for admission to Campbellsville University will be granted only when the student’s official and final high school transcript (showing date of graduation) has been submitted to the Office of Enrollment staff for review and approval.

While ACT and SAT exam scores are not required for undergraduate admission, scores can used to determine course placement and athletic eligibility.  Students who have taken the ACT or SAT exam should have their official scores sent to the Office of Enrollment.

If any degree-seeking applicant’s grade point average does not meet the University’s minimum requirements (2.0 GPA), the Admissions Committee, appointed by the President of Campbellsville University, will determine if the student should be admitted on a conditional basis. Such an applicant is encouraged to submit any information and recommendations that might be useful during the evaluation. A determination will be made of the likelihood of the student achieving academic success at Campbellsville University in view of the high academic standards maintained at the institution. The classroom performance of each conditionally accepted applicant will be closely monitored.

Degree-seeking students who are not high school graduates may present their scores on the Test of General Education Development (GED) and a State Department of Education Certificate (or equivalent) in lieu of high school transcripts. An average GED test score of at least 450 is required (with no score on any one test less than 410).

Home Schooled Student Admission

To enter Campbellsville University as a degree-seeking freshman, a student will take the following steps:

  1. Submit a completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. Students may also apply online at www.campbellsville.edu/apply.
  2. Arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive an official transcript of all coursework completed on a high school level.
  3. Arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive official transcripts for any college credits received before entering the university.

Transfer Student Policy

Students who have attended other colleges or universities and desire to obtain degrees from Campbellsville University will take the following steps:

  1. Submit a complete APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. Students may also apply online at www.campbellsville.edu/apply.
  2. Arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive an official transcript (containing a complete record of all courses attempted) from each college or university previously and currently attended.
  3. If transferring less than 24 semester hours of credit, arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive an official and final high school transcrip.
  4. When provisionally accepted, provide an enrollment deposit.

At minimum, a transfer student desiring to enter Campbellsville University must be in good standing and eligible to return to his or her previous institution.

If the college or university transcript does not clearly show that the transfer student graduated from high school, the Office of Enrollment must receive the applicant’s official and final high school transcript regardless of total credit hours previously attained.

Transfer credit evaluation is under the authority of the Registrar, who determines the applicability of transferred work from accredited institutions to the student’s degree program.

The University accepts all credit hours earned from a regionally accredited institution. A transfer credit evaluation determines how those hours are applied to the student’s program of study and academic degree. Credits from non-regionally accredited institutions are considered on an individual basis and must be approved by the dean and lead professor.

International Students must submit all/any foreign academic credentials to be evaluated by a N.A.C.E.S. certified evaluation provider. Credit transfer will be based upon the evaluation report and review of English translations of the course descriptions being considered for the credits to be transferred.

Credits of students transferring from accredited colleges and universities will be accepted when they meet the scholastic standards required at Campbellsville University. Although credit for a “D” grade will transfer, students must repeat any English composition courses, any developmental studies courses, and any courses in their majors, minors, and areas of concentration taken elsewhere in which “D” grades were received. 

Transfer students must complete all of the University’s requirements for graduation including at least one third of the course requirements in their majors, minors, and areas of concentration at Campbellsville University. The final 30 hours of credit must be completed in residence. A minimum of twenty-five percent of the course work required for graduation must be completed at Campbellsville University.

An individual who has satisfied the requirements for an associate degree at an accredited junior or community college may transfer 73 semester hours of credit to Campbellsville University. After enrolling at Campbellsville University, such a student may transfer an additional three semester hours of credit when approved in advance by the Registrar.

Former Student Readmission

Students who previously attended Campbellsville University may be readmitted in a degree-seeking program if they are in good standing with the institution. A completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. The Office of Enrollment staff will determine the standing of the applicant with the Registrar’s Office, Office of Student Services, and Office of Business Services.

Former students with cumulative grade point averages below the University’s minimum standard will be considered individually by the Admissions Committee. A former student who had been suspended for a semester must be approved by the Admissions Committee to be reinstated.

If an individual was a student at any other college or university since last enrolled at Campbellsville University, he or she must arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive an official transcript from each institution attended. Special students (see page 22) are encouraged to apply credits earned toward desired degrees at Campbellsville University. A Special Student may apply for admission as a degree-seeking student (full-time or part-time) by submitting an APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM, an official and final high school transcript (or GED test score certificate), an official ACT or SAT score report, and official transcripts from all other colleges and universities previously attended. All credits earned as a Special Student at Campbellsville University may be applied to graduation requirements at the institution.

CU Rise - Adult Learner Weekend Program

This program is open to transfers and first-time college freshmen. First-time college students must be at least 23 years of age to be considered for admission to this program. An individual who has either graduated from high school or achieved an average GED test score of at least 450 (with no score on any one test less than 410) may enroll in the CU RISE program. CU RISE classes meet every other weekend on Friday evenings from 5:00 to 9:00 PM and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Summer sessions will also be offered.

To enter this program, an APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. Students may also apply online at www.campbellsville.edu/apply.

Students must:

  1. Submit a Campbellsville University Application for Admission.
  2. Submit an official and final high school transcript or GED.
  3. Submit official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended.

Summer School Admission

The summer session of Campbellsville University provides an opportunity for regular university students to continue their work leading to a bachelor’s degree. Though offerings are less varied than during the fall and spring semesters, the summer curriculum includes a wide range of courses for undergraduates, teachers, and high school graduates who wish to qualify for advanced standing. The course offerings lead to either an associate or bachelor’s degree and to teaching credentials.

The summer term is comprised of several sub-terms of various lengths. The summer courses are planned to meet the educational needs of the students.

Students planning to attend summer school at Campbellsville University will submit a completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. Regular credentials are required. Transfer students and former students must be in good standing to gain admission.

International Student Admission

Campbellsville University is authorized under federal law to enroll non-immigrant international students. Undergraduate international students will take the following steps to gain admission to the University:

  1. Submit an International Student Application or apply online at https://campbellsville.edu/apply
  2. Demonstrated English proficiency (for students whose English is not a native language) by:
    1. Presenting an official TOEFL score report of 61 (or higher on the IBT) or 500 (or higher on the IBT)
    2. Presenting an official IELTS score report of 6 or higher
    3. Presenting an official PTE score report of 52 or higher
    4. Presenting an official Duolingo score report of 90 or higher.
    5. Successful completion of the ESL Institute program.
    6. Official SAT or ACT exam score (for native English speaking students only).
  3. Copy of Secondary School Transcript
  4. Copy of all University / College Transcripts (if you have 24 credit hours or more, it is not necessary to send the Secondary School Transcript)
  5. A copy of each transcript in English
  6. Provide an approved evaluation of Secondary School Transcripts and all University/College Transcripts outside of the U.S. through (but not limited to) one of the following:
    1. World Education Services evaluation (www.wes.org). If you have never attended a college or university, select the Document evaluation. If you have had any college or university, select the Course-by-Course evaluation. Please be sure to include Campbellsville University as a recipient on the application.
    2. Josef Silny & Associates (www.jsilny.org). On their webpage, go to the Foreign Credential Evaluations section and select the evaluation most appropriate for your academic history.
    3. InCred Evaluation (www.incredevals.org). For International Student Athletes only, this must be completed and received by CU before students are considered eligible for practice and play.
    4. National Association of Credential Evaluation Services.
    5. Students who have already began university courses, should bring English translations of their course descriptions to be utilized for university credit transfer.
  7. Bank Statement showing sufficient, liquid funds, covering the required costs to study for one academic year, dated within the past six (6) months of the application date. All bank statements must be accompanied by an affidavit of support, filled out by the financial sponsor of the student.
  8. Completed Housing Application
  9. Completed Medical History Form
  10. Copy of Passport photo page

Once the admission decision is final a certificate of eligibility as a non-immigrant international student (Form I-20) will be issued to the student and sent via express shipping. Upon arrival on campus student will be required to take a class placement exam.

Institutional Service Program

The Institutional Service Program is for inmates, guards, and administrative personnel at confinement facilities. Admission requirements will be limited to completion of an abbreviated APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM and application(s) for financial assistance. Official transcripts will be required from both high school and all colleges attended.

Community Outreach Program

The Community Outreach Program is for students at other off-campus locations, including factories, schools, churches, and hospitals. To enter this program, a student will take the following steps:

  1. Submit an abbreviated APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM.
  2. Degree-seeking students will need to complete an application(s) for financial assistance.
  3. Provision of high school (or GED score report) and/or college transcript(s), as appropriate, upon completion of nine semester hours as a Campbellsville University student. In coordination with the Registrar’s Office, the Office of Enrollment will review transcripts and academic progress to determine if continued enrollment is desirable. Each student will receive academic advising and career counseling by Office of Enrollment personnel before enrolling for the fourth course as a Campbellsville University student. Degree-seeking students with low grades will be considered by the Admissions Committee.

Requirements for Non-Degree-Seeking Students

Special Students

Anyone 19 years of age or older who desires to take college courses for credit but not in a formal degree program may apply for admission as a Special Student.  Formal degree program may apply for admission as a Special Student. Students who have previously attended colleges and universities should arrange for the Office of Enrollment to receive their official transcripts from those institutions. Similarly, individuals who have previously attended Campbellsville University should clearly identify themselves as former students when applying for admission as Special Students to ensure that they receive proper credit. A maximum of two courses may be taken by a Special Student during a regular semester. With satisfactory academic progress, the student will be eligible either to continue enrolling as a Special Student or to follow regular admissions procedures for entering a degree program (see above).

Senior Scholars

Any person 65 years or older who has graduated high school (or equivalent) may take undergraduate courses at Campbellsville University with full waiver of tuition cost. Senior Scholars are non-degree seeking students. Courses enrolled under the Senior Scholar status will not be counted for credit and will not be considered toward a formal degree program. A maximum of two courses may be taken by a Senior Scholar during a regular semester or a maximum of one course in a regular academic eight week term. All Senior Scholar students register on a “space available” basis. Enrollment as a Senior Scholar does not imply admission into the University. Senior Scholar students wishing to pursue courses for credit must complete the regular student admissions process and be formally admitted into the university and are responsible for all tuition and course related expenses. Senior Scholars enrolled in online courses must pay accompanying online fees per course.

Auditing Student

An individual not currently admitted to Campbellsville University who wishes to audit a course should submit a completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM. Prior approval to audit a specific course must be obtained from the instructor of the class and from the Registrar. No application fee, credentials, and enrollment deposit are required from an Auditing Student.

Special Program Requirements Visiting Students

A college student registered for a degree program at another accredited institution may be admitted as a Visiting Student at Campbellsville University during any semester or term. Credentials and enrollment deposit are not required. However, a letter of permission from the Registrar of the Visiting Student’s college or university must be provided to the Office of Enrollment prior to registration.

Student Accepted By Other Accredited Institution

A recent high school graduate who has been unconditionally accepted by a regionally accredited college or university for admission during the fall semester may be admitted to Campbellsville University during the preceding summer school. The student should submit a completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION FORM and a copy of his/her letter of acceptance from the other college or university. Credentials and enrollment deposit are not required.

Dual Credit High School/College Student

Outstanding high school students who wish to increase their knowledge, enrich their academic backgrounds, and participate in a stimulating introduction to university work are encouraged to seek admission to the Dual Credit program at Campbellsville University. These classes may be taken at your high school taught by a qualified teacher, on the campus of Campbellsville University, or it’s regional centers, or fully-online. The criteria for enrollment into the Dual Credit program is the student must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA over their high school career.

Military Personnel and Veterans

Individuals serving in the U.S. Armed Forces and those who have completed such service are welcome as Campbellsville University students The Kentucky Approving Agency for Veterans Education (SAA) has approved some programs offered by Campbellsville University for G.I. Bill® benefits for veterans and other eligible persons. Eligible students should follow the appropriate application procedures required for those particular programs. Campbellsville University also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.
GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill

Advanced Credit/Placement Opportunities

Campbellsville University participates in both the Advanced Placement Program and the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Board. As a result, entering students have numerous excellent opportunities to obtain advanced credit while receiving substantial tuition savings.

Entering students who have satisfactorily completed College Board Advanced Placement courses and who present scores of “3” or higher on Advanced Placement examinations will automatically receive appropriate course credit toward a degree. A student presenting such grades for the equivalent of 27 semester hours of courses will be awarded immediate sophomore standing at Campbellsville University.

A maximum of 32 semester hours of advance credit applicable toward a degree may be earned through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP).

A student with ACT standard scores of 29 or higher (or the SAT equivalent) in English would be entitled to bypass ENG 111 - Freshman Composition I  and enroll in ENG 112 - Freshman Composition II .

Military Credit

In addition to a maximum of 32 hours of credit through the College Level Examination Program, military personnel who are seeking to complete a baccalaureate degree at Campbellsville University may be awarded additional advanced credit. Military personnel may accumulate up to 24 hours of credit for military training and learning experiences that are recorded on the Joint Services transcript and recommended for college credit by the American Council of Education. However, the total advance credits may not exceed 50 hours. Military personnel cannot receive credit for both experiential learning and military training for the same experiences.

Proficiency Examinations

Information about proficiency exams can be obtained by contacting specific academic departments. In order for a student to take an exam, the Proficiency Exam Request form must be completed by the student and submitted to the professor who will administer the exam. A copy of the form needs to be provided to the Registrar’s Office. If the student passes the exam, the professor will then complete the Proficiency Exam Request form by providing the information about the exam taken, date taken, and the courses for which the student will be receiving credit. The form is then sent to the Registrar’s Office where the transcript entry is completed and a copy of the form is sent to the Office of Business Services for billing purposes.

Non-Credit to Credit Course Evaluation

In order to request that non-credit work be granted academic credit towards a degree, a student must complete the Noncredit to Credit Course Evaluation form with his or her advisor. The student must obtain the required signatures before submitting to the Registrar’s Office.

International Baccalaureate Study

The International Baccalaureate Program is an internationally recognized curriculum that is taught at numerous high schools in the United States and other countries. Score reports should be included with the student’s final high school transcript or from the international Baccalaureate office.

Campus Visits

Interested students are strongly encouraged to visit the University. The best way to acquaint themselves with Campbellsville University and to decide if they would be successful and happy at this University is to spend time on the campus meeting students, faculty members, and administrators. Students planning to visit the campus should make advance arrangements with the Office of Enrollment staff personnel. If possible, call at least one week prior to arrival so the visit may be properly and carefully planned to ensure greatest benefit from it. Visits conducted when classes are in session are most beneficial.

Advance arrangements can be made by contacting the Office of Enrollment (270) 789-5220 or email admissions@campbellsville.edu. Visiting students will be guests of Campbellsville University.