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2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Division of Humanities

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Dr. Sarah Stafford Sims, Chair

Mr. Paul Brooks
Dr. Mary Jane Chaffee
Dr. Judith Collins
Dr. Justy Engle
Dr. Nathan Gower
Mr. David Harrity
Dr. Thomas Lyon
Ms. Erin Milburn
Ms. Nancy New
Dr. Matthew Oliver
Dr. Scott Rasnic
Dr. Susan Wright
International Studies
Ms. Mariah Akridge Atwood, lead professor
Mr. Timothy Hooker
Theatre and Dance
Mr. Jonathan Andrew
Ms. Kristin Dowdy
Mrs. Starr Garrett, lead professor
Modern Foreign Language
Dr. Carmen Arranz
Mr. Parfait Bonkoungou
Dr. Johana Perez Weisenberger, lead professor

Teaching English as a Second Language
Eduardo L. Trindade, Director
Joshua W. Detherage
Robert W. Parrish


The Division of Humanities offers programs in English, dance, theater, and modern foreign languages to enable students to prepare for a wide range of academic, professional, and vocational pursuits and for life-long service to God and to humankind.

All students with an area or major in the Division of Humanities, must take MAC 120  or MAC 140  as part of their General Education requirements.

The English Programs

The Department of English provides programs of study for students who recognize the power of language and want to develop a mastery of the English language in order to be insightful critical readers and competent scholarly and creative writers. They may pursue a major, a minor, or an area of concentration as they work toward either a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree. The Department of English also provides components of the General Education Program ( ENG 111 - Freshman Composition I ; ENG 112 - Freshman Composition II ; and ENG 210 - Literary Studies ) and one developmental course  ( ENG 110 - Basic English ).

Modern Foreign Language

The Division of Humanities offers a major and minor in Spanish and provides elementary and intermediate courses in Spanish, French and German. A Spanish Education, P-12, area is available as well. CHN 101, Chinese Language and Culture, is also offered. All Spanish Education Area and Spanish Major students must take MAC 120  or MAC 140  as part of their General Education requirements.

Advanced Placement in Foreign Language

Students with high school foreign language credit should consult the modern foreign language faculty to seek advanced placement. Students may receive credit in one or more modern foreign languages on the basis of demonstrated proficiency.

Foreign Language Requirement for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

To qualify for a Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete at least twelve hours in modern foreign language courses. Four three-hour courses in one language or two three-hour courses in each of two languages will fulfill the requirement. The foreign culture courses numbered 101 do not count toward this requirement.

Waiver of the Foreign Language Requirement

The foreign language requirement will be waived for students whose native language is not English.

Determination of Proficiency and Eligibility for Waiver

The foreign language faculty will use tests to determine whether a student has attained proficiency in a foreign language and whether a student is eligible for waiver of or exemption from the foreign language requirement.



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