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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biblical Studies Area, B.A.

Degree offered at: Campbellsville and Louisville Education Center

Language Requirement for Bachelor of Arts

Select any two languages listed here:

Hebrew: 6 Hours

Greek: 6 Hours

Modern Language: 6 Hours

Total: 12 Hours

Christian Studies Core Requirements

While each program of study has its own focus, each student will build a foundation of Biblical, theological, historical, pastoral, educational, and practical aspects for Christian ministry. Students pursuing a theology area, major, or minor should take the General Education Prerequisites.

Total: 18 Hours

General Education Prerequisites

These courses are recommended because they meet requirements for General Education and are prerequisites for required and elective courses in theology areas, majors, and minors.

Total: 6 Hours

Biblical Studies Area Requirements: 36 Hours

Biblical Studies: 21 Hours

Old Testament: 6 Hours

New Testament: 6 Hours

Choose two courses from this list:

Biblical Studies Electives: 9 Hours

Pastoral Ministries Elective: 3 Hours

Educational Ministries Elective: 3 Hours

Theological, Historical and Missiological Studies Electives: 6 Hours

Christian Studies Upper Division Elective: 3 Hours

Choose one Christian Studies upper division course.

Total: 66 Hours