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2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Art and Design

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Dr. Alcingstone Cunha, Interim Chair
Ms. Victoria Lyn Christgen
Mr. James Joshua Pickens
Ms. Susie Trejo-Williams


The Art and Design Department of Campbellsville University provides visual learners in a Christian liberal arts context with an undergraduate program composed of an Area of Art (48 hours), a Major in Art (36 - 42 hours), or a Minor in Art (21 hours) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (76 hours). The program prepares the student for careers in graphic design, animation, art production, art education, and graduate school for further studies such as studio art, art therapy, arts administration, art history, arts education, and museum studies, among others. To assist the University mission of informing students and interacting with the larger world, a survey course is provided for all undergraduates in visual art which strives to teach understanding of arts language, art from different periods and diverse cultures. Still another goal of the department is to produce visually literate individuals.

All students who choose to minor, major or study an area of art must present a portfolio of artwork from their studies in high school, from private instruction, or done on their own for digital documentation early in their first semester of study. Thereafter, artwork from ART 101 ART 120 ART 202  and ART 221  will be digitally archived to document progress or lack of progress for accreditation, assessment and evaluation purposes.

If a student at Campbellsville University has already mastered the material in a regular lower division course in the bulletin-catalog, the student may request in writing that full credit be granted for the course. The student may then be called upon for tests, demonstrations, portfolio pieces, exhibits and/or interviews to prove his/her proficiency and knowledge. A committee of the art faculty (including the instructor of the course considered) shall participate in all phases of the examination. The charge for the test is 20 percent of the cost of the course.

Sophomore Review

Art students who are pursuing an art major (36 - 42 hours) or art area (48 hours) or Bachelor of Fine Arts will have successfully completed four foundations courses (ART 101 , ART 102, ART 202 , and ART 221 ) with a G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher OR the student will have completed 56 credit hours of study, whichever option occurs first. The student will present a portfolio of work to the Art faculty within three weeks of the end of the semester when either of the above criteria is met. The portfolio will show ambition of concept/ideas, growth of craftsmanship/techniques, competency of design and personal motivation. Twelve to 15 pieces must be shown. These may be pieces of actual work or images captured in an acceptable electronic format. With either submission, the student is expected to present a brief written statement about each work and be able to explain it to the Art faculty.

If the student’s work is not acceptable to pass the sophomore review, the student may retake a class in order to produce stronger work to be shown in a second review the following semester. If work does not pass two consecutive review sessions, the student will need to pursue an art minor (24 hours) and choose another major. No student can proceed to a major of art study with a failing review. This process is to ensure that students are serious about their artwork and competent to finish the course of study in art successfully.

Special Requirements

Transfer students must submit to the art faculty samples and portfolios of artwork from courses taken elsewhere. If these do not show adequate proficiency in art, some coursework may have to be repeated. Students who can show proficiency in art to the art faculty will be permitted to begin with more advanced courses.

All students who major or minor in art will leave a signed work of art to Campbellsville University during their last semester of attendance.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree consists of courses in Art History and Aesthetics coursework, core studio requirements, and a choice of emphasis in one of the following: Animation, Graphic Design, Two Dimensional Studio, and Three Dimensional Studio. Students must complete a total of 76 hours to earn the B.F.A.

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